Impact Funding, piloted in 2014 and repeated in 2015, is a variation on the giving circle concept.  Mother Kissing Toddler's CheekIndividual and group members wanting to make a positive difference in the lives of Kansans pledge a donation to join the Impact Funding Team, and are invited to draft the Request for Proposals offering grants to organizations seeking to improve health in their communities or statewide. Team members review the received proposals and make determinations on which grants to approve with the total available dollars. For 2014 and 2015, Impact Funding focused on improving breastfeeding initiation and duration rates in Kansas.

Breastfeeding was chosen not only because it has been thoroughly proven to provide many lifelong health benefits to both infant and mother, but also because it is a field in which small grants can make a big difference. One of the key components of Impact Funding is the 100% Health Fund match.  To double the impact of donor dollars, the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund matches contributions dollar for dollar, as well as covering all administrative costs. Every donated dollar – times 2 – goes directly to improve health.Mother Watching Baby

Impact Funding also enables participants so interested to participate in philanthropy, with available guidance from professional staff.  Click the following links for information on the 2014 pilot and 2015 program.