Why Breastfeeding? It's best for babies, moms, & family budgets!

Breastfeeding exclusively for at least six months:
  • Protects against illness and infection
  • Reduces likelihood of developing asthma
  • Reduces likelihood of becoming obese
  • Reduces risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  • Reduces risk of breast and ovarian cancers
  • Can save between $1,200-$1,500 in formula costs in the first year alone
  • Means fewer health insurance claims, and less time off to care for sick children


You may have heard of Giving Circles. They're a trend growing in popularity -- a form of participatory philanthropy where groups of volunteers with similar interests pool their money and make grants together. Our Impact Funding Team is like a giving circle, but with a big bonus -- we'll match your contribution, doubling its impact. Click here to see the full list of FAQs
  • Strategic use of your money to advance an important social good
  • Having your funds matched to double their impact, with no overhead expense
  • Gaining an expanded network of persons with like passions and concerns
  • Learning more about a critical health field of work
  • Getting hands-on experience making grants
  • Getting direct feedback, through grant reporting, on how your money was used to make a difference
  • Having the support of philanthropic staff with your giving and decision-making
  • Making a tax-deductible contribution
Click here to see the full list of FAQs
To sign up, click here to complete the online Impact Funding Team: Breastfeeding signup form. You'll be able to either send us a check or use a credit card for your $500 or more contribution. Groups and organizations are welcome, too. The group signup form is available here. Click here to see the full list of FAQs

How can we make a difference?

Small amounts of money, combined with the dedicated work of organizations and individuals, can make a big difference.  Here are some proven examples (we hope you'll join us and help us expand these efforts and discover new ways to help too!)
  • Breast pump loan or rental programs
  • Peer support groups
  • Continuing education and advancement of lactation consultants
  • Professional education for medical providers
  • Walk-in clinics to help moms with breastfeeding issues
  • Lactation rooms and breastfeeding-friendly policies in businesses and public places
  • Information on breastfeeding for pregnant women and new mothers
  • Guides for women returning to work (when most women stop breastfeeding)
  • Hospital gift bags for breastfeeding success instead of formula promotion.
Learn more about this opportunity to help moms give their babies the best start in life.